On Treating Yo Self

This week marks the official last week of school and my entire undergraduate career (3 weeks!). Though this week should be one of relief and joy, it started as the opposite. Working long hours and getting last-minute assignments have made this week feel longer than it should have felt. The assignments are wiping away the 2% of productive energy I have left towards school work. All the stress of school had my spirits down and so I decided to delve into a little bit of self-care. 

It's Treat Yo Self 2018 Y'all! 

If you don't watch Parks and Recreation (you should), this reference may be lost on you, but basically "treat yo self" is a phrase used on the show for two of the characters. They basically buy outlandish things for themselves as a treat one day every year. Although I did spend some money, treating myself looked more like self-care routine than dropping a stack at the local mall. I decided to take the time this week to really refresh and find things to make me happy as a treat. It fell along the lines of my normal self-care routine - give or take a few details. 

I. Hair done, nails, done, everything did *Drake voice*: Okay so this was technically because of graduation photos but if you know me, you know that I am very particular about my nails. I hate not having them done and so the last few weeks were rough. I finally got them done and I feel like a brand new person. Yes, I am being a tad dramatic, but I think this is a universal truth. Any girl feels better with her nails done. Not to mention that I did my hair and so I'm currently just feeling myself. This is not reserved for women! Fellas! Go get that manicure and that haircut. Women notice when you take care of themselves, just saying. Treat Yo' Self! 

II. Do something that you love: Make of this what you want. This could be watching a film you have had queued for months on Netflix, cooking a meal that reminds you of your childhood or going for a run. Completely up to you. I went to a play sponsored at my school and written by Micah Watson, a super talented fellow 4th year at UVA. (It was phenomenal! Support black creatives!) The play was free which was a plus, but watching the play was so inspiring and refreshing. Treat Yo' Self! 

III. Cleaning: Now this may seem weird because cleaning requires work, but let me tell you, cleaning your space can do so much for how you feel. I cleaned up my apartment and it made me feel soooo good. I love a clean room. If you can fit in laundry, cuddos. This is something I do on the regular, and I know it doesn't make sense, but I deep clean when I'm stressed. Though you are working and it takes time, you are treating yourself to a clean environment. Treat Yo' Self! 

IV: Shopping: So this was also technically connected to the photos I need and all the outfits needed for graduation and my birthday, but shopping is always therapeutic. I have a fashion board on Pinterest and if that doesn't make me feel better, I browse online shops. I am an admitted ASOS addict (I am not ashamed), and currently, have been dropping coins and getting clothes for the next weeks and the summer. I got a package last night and, once again, feeling like a new person. (Pictures will come soon). Treat Yo' Self! But remember to budget with this one!! 

Overall, Treat Yo Self 2018 was great. I feel way better than I did Monday. Finding a self-care routine can be difficult, but once you find one that works, that routine can carry you through the toughest times. School can be stressful, and taking time to make sure you are good is critical to maintaining balance. 


How do you self care? comment below! 

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