On Following Your Vision

On Tuesday, Kanye West made a return to Twitter. This may not seem like significant news, but Mr. West was dropping some gems on the feed. Some of my favorites were on creativity as currency, originality, and straying from authenticity in exchange for approval. The one that served as inspiration for this week's blog post was: 


I do not agree with a lot of the things that Kanye West does and says, he is known for forming (and expressing) very controversial opinions. On this matter, however, Mr. West and I agree 100%. The tweet says a lot of things, but the most important message, for me, is to "follow your vision" of which all the other thoughts/sentences support. In the first half, he states that our ideas are the best ones and how the reliance on the opinions of others are usually more distracting. In the second half, he talks about basing your actions on love and doing what you love. As someone who has spent the better part of this past year tapping into their creative potential, this is a lesson that I have learned.

Thinking that your ideas are the best can be interpreted as arrogant, but I think the major point is that you rely on your personal vision and not look to others to validate what you think or want to create. Firstly, people are haters and some people will undermine your vision to either take the ideas for themselves or just to cut you down. Following your vision entails having the confidence in your own ideas and using people as sounding boards rather than as places for validation. Talking to too many people about your ideas and vision can be distracting and a waste of time. Talk to people that have the tools to edit the vision and help you improve instead of those who can do nothing but tear your ideas down. 

The emphasis on love is also super important, not only in terms of doing what you love but also in term of your intentions. Firstly, putting energy into something that you don't love is exhausting. In my experience, doing something that you love doesn't feel like work. Not following your vision and following the vision of someone else nothing to grow your creativity, which Mr. West emphasizes is like currency. Secondly, your intention in doing something brings a certain energy to the task and resulting production. Acting out of love is better than acting out of hate or any other negative energy/emotion. I don't think this latter point is something that many people focus on and the first point is more emphasized, but it is equally important. Even if you find yourself doing something you love, your intentions and actions need to also be based on love.  

Overall, his tweets talk about creativity, and this one focuses primarily on following your vision. If you don't have a fully-formed vision for your life or for a project, that is perfectly okay. Don't feel that it isn't normal to have no idea what you want your life to look like. In reality, visions change according to who you are at the moment. Some visions take years to form, years to accomplish, and, sadly, some never come to fruition. The point is not forcing it. The point is trusting the process, being confident your ideas or vision, acting out of love, doing what you love, and staying away from what you don't.