On Why I don't believe in New Year Resolutions

January 1st is a day of beginnings. Not only of a new year but for a lot of people, the promise of a new lifestyle. New Year's resolutions are things we make to signal a change. Resolutions can be made regarding weight loss, making the choice to not mess with that ex or deciding that this is the year you get your life together (for real this time). I am all here for personal growth (see above category title), but I don't really think that resolutions get us there. We all know that resolution-based changes are short-lived. The gym is full for maybe 3 week before returning to its normal crowd, you grow tired of kale and quinoa a month in and decide to stop at McDonalds on your way home. We place this pressure on ourselves that the incoming year will mean big changes without realizing 2 important things. 

1. Change takes time: If you practiced really bad habits in 2017, you're most likely going to do the same starting 2018. Change can not and will not happen overnight. 

2. You can make changes to your life at anytime: Want to stop texting them back? Delete their number. Want to save more money? Limit the amount of money you spend on nonessential items or actively use a saving plan. Small changes lead to drastic ones and don't need to be made at the beginning of the year - they can happen whenever you choose to make change. 

Making positive changes enables us to develop who we are as individuals and live our best lives. Acknowledging that you want to make a change is a good first step, but don't rely so heavily on the New Year to dictate the path you'll take. If you made a resolution for this year, I truly hope that you stick to it. And if you didn't, you still have time to figure it out. 

Zari TaylorComment