On Buffalo

I spent the last week in Buffalo, New York with my older sister who graduated from Buff State and stayed there to work for the past year or so. My parents and I drove the 8 hours to see her and bring/buy her groceries and house supplies. After my parents left, Kat and I were on our own for the week. Activity levels were set to rise. She, however, is grown grown and works two jobs so we didn't end up seeing too much of each other after Labor Day. In the end, our schedules worked out perfectly because I started two new research projects and had applications with upcoming deadlines.

I enjoyed my time in Buffalo. Even though it's freezing and covered in snow for half of the year, the weather wasn't too bad. I got the very last of the warmth. On Labor Day we wanted to go to the beach but our plans got washed out. The rest of the week was spent inside for the most part - Katherine working and me practicing being a housewife and doing my own work. We started the weekend by grabbing dinner downtown with her mentor and grabbing brunch with mimosas that were more champagne than orange juice the next day. Right before my flight, we drove over to Canada to see the Falls. (Amazing view inserted below

I've already talked about how much I want to travel on here, but this trip, if anything, piqued my interest in domestic travel. Buffalo is no Italy or Greece, but I think discovering other parts of the U.S. is as important as traveling abroad - just not as glamourous. I'll definitely try to incorporate some small trips to other parts of the country, not only for destinations but to just soak in what America looks like. 

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