On Beating The Finals Blues

This week, we are talking finals. How are my finals going, you may ask? Well, I didn't know what day it was and missed my usual posting day, so we will let that speak for itself. I somehow thought that Friday was Wednesday and by the time I realized, it was too late. This, however, makes this post even more crucial for me and those like me, who got the finals blues. Below, I have compiled a list of ways to survive finals! 

I. Plan, Plan, Plan: Write out your final assignments and plan when you want to get them done. This could be in a planner or just in your mind. I will say (from personal experience) that the planner might be the best way to go about it because it helps you really keep track of the days and your time. I also suggest planning meals because during finals you will either be eating pure trash and spend $$$, or you will be starving - there is no in between. I made a huge batch of salad and have been eating off of it for the better part of the week - a healthy and cheap alternative to what usually happens. 

II. Procrastinate Wisely: We all know, procrastination is inevitable. This is definitely not productive, but breaks are important. Studying for an hour or two and then taking a social media break is not bad as long as you stick to the schedule. 

IV. Reward Yourself: In order to make the ending sweeter, you may want to plan out a reward for yourself. This could be getting food from your favorite restaurant, sleeping in for a day, or binge-watching your favorite show. My plan is to sleep in while binge-watching the latest season of The 3% which just dropped on Netflix. I refuse to start it until my assignments are complete. 

Today marks the last week of finals for me, and next week is my birthday and graduation weekend. I literally just need to get through it. Pray for me. 

How do you combat the finals blues? Share below!