On Being Under the Weather

Hide your kids, hide your wife - it's officially flu season! 


Although I am not one to ever get sick, last week I realized that I had been hit by influenza. I was coughing, my body was aching from who-knows-what, I had a sore throat, and my chest was on fire. After denying it for two days, I had to finally admit that I was, in fact, sick with the flu. I had heard rumours that the flu was going around and actually taking lives, but I never expected it to be me. My professors were either being super gracious by excusing my absence, or too afraid to have me in their classroom; either way, I spent the majority of this week recovering in my apartment. I'll be honest, being home the first couple days was great. I got to relax, catch up on school readings, and binge watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. But, I was completely over it by day 4. It takes 5 to 7 days to not be contagious and even longer to feel better so I had to suck it up and let the sickness pass. I used the last few days to clean my room, wash my hair and work on some creative projects I have coming up. I officially re-joined the real world yesterday and, luckily, feel MUCH better. Let this post be a cautionary tale on the one thing you should avoid this winter. The flu is no joke and, this year especially, maintaining your health needs to be a priority. 

Beginning February with a renewed bill of health is exactly how I would have liked to start the second month of the year. Thus far, from the stress of starting school, to being sick for the past week or so, the year was not off to a great start. I pray that I can continue on this path of health and wellness for the rest of the year! 

P.S. Happy Black History Month!! There will be a post at the end of February where I recap on the one month of the year that we set aside to celebrate blackness. It will include my reaction to Black Panther and review of a new pickup, Acts of Faith: Daily Meditations for People of Color by Iyanla Vanzant. Stay tuned!